Which one is better though

Which one is better though

Which one is better though

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  1. whack the button, dgaf about the result i just. monke brain says press bright red button.

  2. If the first event takes place, then it’ll be like that game on steam… I think it was called Dick n Dine… A futanari visual novel..

  3. If it was a this or that thing, I would totally smash the button for the left and hope my breasts get even bigger.

    For 50% crippling dysphoria and depression, though, I’d pass lol

  4. How will I piss without the thing? You said “lose the thing”, not get the other thing. In other words, I either become a futa or I fucking die.

  5. Left tails, right heads.

    \*flips coin\*

    Heads. F. I guess I’ll become a dense Harem protagonist then.

  6. Honestly, I’m imagining all the “humorous misunderstandings” with the option on the right, and I’m kinda down for it. Not like I’d be losing much, anyway.

  7. Brain: Bro, we will be futanari and will be able to fuck girls.
    Me: Erm, they will fuck us too