What kind of death note character would you be

What kind of death note character would you be

What kind of death note character would you be

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  1. I’d be the guy who steals the death note and writes “everyone” in it just to see what happens.

  2. Light was dumb as hell. His vision was too limited, and he let himself get drunk on the power.
    I’d make that little book sing, and none would be the wiser.

  3. I think I’d be the yesn’t basically idk nor care I might end up being all of them just to mess with humanity as a cruel joke

  4. i want to be munstet because i will have a decent screen time but what about cream time🧐

  5. i would have been the guy that screwed up last minute. just can’t remember his name…

    EDIT: Wait I remember it is Teru Mikami

  6. No one most of the death characters are waste they are just intelligent and nothing more they are childish, edgy have too much pride don’t even know what’s wrong or right at the basics level they are too lost in their illusion that no one is intelligent than them. This series is fun to watch but just in the end it’s just an another anime.

  7. Yagami was right and he could beat literally everybody without that stupid ass motherfucker who can’t follow simple instructions…

  8. A random civilian who was wrongfully accused and then Kira kills me and no one notices or cares

  9. I’d be the guy who’s head gets chopped in half in the tragedy that was the live action movie

  10. None of them, I wouldn’t bother getting mixed up in any of that regardless if I was good at it or not.