History never repeats, but it rhymes.

History never repeats, but it rhymes.

History never repeats, but it rhymes.

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  1. It gets controversial but also a sign that the series is successful in a good way and It may get a boost on Light Novel or Manga sales after the anime ending.

  2. i love SAO and it is annoying when i see people trashing on it but i guess thats just how people are. something gets popular always ppl that can hate on it. i get some people have good reasons and everything past the 1st season was definetly worse. altough i may have some bias due to SAO being one of the shows that turned me weeb.

  3. To all the people saying: “We hate it because pedo”

    But then, what is he supposed to date/marry then? He can’t marry someone of his age ’cause he’s 30+, but no woman of the same age would marry him as he’s someone who looks like 10+

  4. Unpopular opinion about tensei: no spoilers.

    I read the Web novel and it was extremely medicore at best , I’d say around a 6-7/10. There’s so many random plot lines that were ignored with no conclusion, it felt like a story that was written on the go with lots of hints to his sexual fantasies.

    THAT SAID.. this is one of the rare cases where the anime takes a meh plot and creates a seriously enjoyment fulfilling show out of it. It’s extremely well done.

  5. But sao does deserve its hate after all it’s my most hated anime (that isn’t actual aids) I hate the story the characters and character development is nonexistent the world building was right there but didn’t go through kirito sucks as a main character and is just plot armor incarnate only 2 arcs were anyway decent and all the needless rape really put me off and it’s not even creative also the actual game sucks and no one would actually play it