never understood that part :I

never understood that part :I

never understood that part :I

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  1. I honestly was hoping to see dinosaurs and whales and other creatures. Kinda disappointed, but above all, I freaking loved Attack on Titan

  2. Hajime Isayama: Why tf is there a dinosaur in the OP?

    Studio Wit: Why tf is there a dinosaur in the OP?

  3. People asking why there is a whale and dinosaurs here

    But I wonder why there is fuckin 2 WHALE here why there is one dino

    Also >!why the fuck one of the former beast titan choose giraffe and the other choose zebra !<

  4. I always assumed it was just supposed to represent the evolution of beasts and nature. Like coming from prehistoric creatures to the present day. We see plenty of animals fighting and killing each other during the opening. Kind of like saying no matter what animals and humans will always be at war with each other. But also no matter what those you fight against are living beings just like you. That’s why all of their hearts are highlighted.

  5. To me I interpret it as every creature has a heart they could offer. This correlates to the opening song’s title sasageyo. No matter the life form they have something to offer which is their heart/life

  6. I’m pretty sure it’s emphasizing their hearts, at least that’s always how I viewed it

    Another user pointed out it could be >!other forms the beast titan supposedly took!< which I wouldn’t know about but it could still be that

  7. right?! it really threw me off. thought the beast titan was a spirit of the earth used to destroy humanity or something.

  8. I used to think that the world was this post apocalyptic world where there was a group of smart Titans who governed their own group of titans, the baseball Titan being the one who represented humans and that there was probably other animal titans including dinosaurs.

    Oh boy was I wrong

  9. It’s because the Beast-Titan is manifested in many different animals and not everytime the same!

  10. They were showing that the beast Titan can become any beast depending on the host or whatever (they can’t keep changing it on control it u just become one depending on Ur personality and Ur stuck with that) btw yes there was a giant dinosaur titan and yes this nigga really got a monké

  11. I know it, as you know, the inheritor of the beast titan transforms to their favorite animal, so one of the inheritors had a dinosaur as favorite animal, it makes sense.

  12. I think it’s to show that titans are among some of the big boys of nature but I’m surprised that the beast Titan is smaller than a trex

  13. I am personally more concerned about the flying whales. I guess this is an alternative universe in which whales got tired of our industrial revolution and took the battle to us.

  14. Each of the animals are the top of the food chain for their region/area. Essentially it’s the survey corp, the prey, is charging up to the fight to become the top of their respective food chain, as the tops of the food chain are charging to face them on.